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To consistently exceed our customer expectation for on-time project development and 100% quality and delivery through continuous improvement, integrity and a keen ear to our customer.

  • To grow and enhance our position as a respected and trusted supplier of flight deck avionics in commercial aviation.
  • The ownership, management and employees are committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Gables Quality Management System.
  • We will maintain customer contact and set goals based on our customers’ changing needs.
  • We will analyze our performance to ensure effectiveness in meeting our goals, and ensure that this policy is understood by all Gables employees.
  • We live up to our commitments. Every project development and interim milestone is delivered 100% on time. Gables becomes an extension of our customer to maximize cooperation and minimize risk.
  • All design, qualification, manufacture and support under one roof.
  • Low dependency on outside suppliers
  • Industry best expertise on human factors and lighting

Welcome To Gables Engineering

Mr. Victor P. Clarke began making control panels in a small storefront in Coral Gables Florida in 1946. Dedicated to offering a superior product, Mr. Clarke founded Gables Engineering by combining a keen understanding of manufacturing techniques with a superior knowledge of aviation electronics and design. Combined with a thorough knowledge of the aviation industry, Gables rapidly established an international reputation as the source for reliable custom-engineered control panels, audio systems and related products.

Today, Gables Engineering Inc. remains the industry leader in custom avionics controls and other related products. Our engineers continue the tradition today by maintaining a sharp focus on all aspects of control panel technology, as it exists today and as it continues to evolve. Our engineers stay tuned to and help define future developments through active participation in steering committees. While new technologies are being defined, Gables works closely with operators to identify specific solutions for their fleets. In many cases, the future implementation of evolving technologies is supported in current designs, extending the expected useful life of our products.

Meanwhile, we have continually invested in plant and equipment, and have developed many proprietary processes that give us an edge in the market place. In stark contrast to the trend toward outsourcing manufacturing processes, Gables Engineering Inc. is a highly vertically integrated company. This offers our customer a rapid design-to-production cycle, and better overall control of quality and delivery. Gables Engineering Inc. operates a pick-and-place surface mount line, a selective soldering line, fixed-segment LCD manufacture, laser engraving and CNC machining facilities that are fully dedicated to our products. We also employ the latest in lighting measurement and calibration equipment to meet the rigid OEM lighting specifications.

As it was in 1946, we continue to provide our customers with excellent, well designed and timely executed custom solutions. We currently maintain an active LRU catalogue of hundreds of part numbers, over 100,000 examples of which today circle the globe with virtually every major operator in existence on virtually every commercial aircraft produced over the last 70 years. We look forward to serving you.