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ATC / TCAS / Flight ID / ADS-B

Are you considering flight deck annunciation for an ADS-B fault condition? Gables has your retrofit solution for G6990, G6992, G7490, G7492, G7131 and G7156 ATC/TCAS control panels.


Product Description

Transponder manufacturers offer independent discrete and/or ARINC 429 outputs for both transponder fault and ADS-B fault. By bringing the ADS-B fault discrete to the control panel, we can offer a modification to the existing Gables ATC/TCAS control panel to distinguish an ADSB function failure.

For select G6990 and G6992 models, the control panel modification consists of:

  • Replacing the LCD module with new module with ADSB fail annunciator on LCD glass.
  • Replacing two printed circuit board assemblies to process ADS-B Fault input discrete.

For select G7490 and G7492 models, the control panel modification consists of:

  • Replacing the front bezel assembly to add the ADS-B annunciator.
  • Add wiring for the ADS-B fault discrete input.

The part numbering scheme will be:

  • G6990-XX —-> G6990-2XX
  • G6992-XX —-> G6992-2XX
  • G7490-XX —-> G7490-2XX
  • G7492-XX —-> G7492-2XX

For more information, please contact us via the inquiry form.

Additional information


2.235 (height) x 5.735 (width) x 5.0 (depth) inches, excluding rear connectors


Gray, Brown, Blue/Gray


RTCA/DO-160B (Environmental)
RTCA/DO-178A (Software)

ARINC 429, ARINC 706, ARINC 718, ARINC 720, ARINC 735





2 lbs.

Calculated MTBF

15,000 operating hours


115VAC @400H, 5w max
Panel Lighting – 5VAC variable
Indicators – 28/12.5VDC dimming input voltage